Tuesday, May 11, 2010


According to scientists, The Herschel telescope has spotted a vast hole in space. Upon closer inspection they confirmed it was located in the same spot where our tax dollars go.

The Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon describes her female lover as a short man with boobs which coincidently is how Danny De Vito's wife describes him.

Tom Cruise is schedule to present an award at the MTV Movie Awards. He will announce the winner of the Best Gay Actor playing a straight role.

In Florida, a 4000 pound rhino escaped from its enclosure. This is the second time he has escaped and roamed free. Homeland Security said that the rhino was on a "do not leave alone list" but there was breakdown in communication with other agencies.

Playboy's next issue will include a centerfold in 3D . If you don't have glasses, you will have to settle for Double D.

At the Senate hearings held in Washington to find out who is responsible for the oil spill off the coast of Mexico, the executives of the three main companies pointed fingers at each other. There was so much finger pointing that at one point it looked like a Disco dance floor.