Monday, May 17, 2010


Tuesday,Regis Philibin is scheduled to have a blood clot removed from his leg. About time they fire Kelly Ripa.

The aging Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers will be on SNL for the 8th time. They will sing their new re-mixed single,"I'm free-falling and I can't get up."

YouTube is enjoying its 5 year anniversary with amazing success. It has 2 biilion daily downloads. The only other tube that loads more is the mile-long tube by BP.

A 24 year old Arab-American Rima Fakih was crowned 2010 Miss USA. She was awarded the crown by Donald Trump after getting clearance from Homeland Security.

CNN is reporting that Pro-Peace cleric Gul Rahman and the two men were killed Sunday evening in Afghanistan by 'those that are against peace and stability". CNN is also reporting that water is wet and eating is necessary.

A former Food Network chef, Juan Carlos Cruz, is being held on $5 million bail for plotting to hire hitmen to kill his wife. The plan called for her to be boiled in olive oil, diced with onions, and marinated with a pinch of garlic and lemon juice.


  1. I like the stand up jokes. Now I dont' have to stay up late to hear the other guys monologues.

  2. Good to have you here. Unlike Fox news I will be biased and un-balanced.