Saturday, May 22, 2010


Lindsey Lohan, who is to play Linda Lovelace in the movie Deepthroat, had an arrest warrant issued when she failed to appear in court. She had to post bond to avoid being arrested. Like the movie, it was hard to swallow.

Conservatives on the Texas Board of Education have approved an ammendment that would change the school curriculum giving it a more conservative tilt. The board say they 're being fair and balanced and just wanted to report and let you decide.

There is a call by some to end "artificial life" after scientists were able to create synthetic DNA. This would mean an end to the Kardashians.

Pac-Man turns 30. He no longer eats dots and chases ghosts. After facing foreclosure and job loss, he was forced to become a stay at home dad and take care of the kids he had with Ms Pac-Man.

BP executives are being accused of lying about the amount of oil it was capturing. First they said they were capturing 5000 barrels of oil. Then they said it was more like 2000 barrels of oil. Now they are saying it's 99 bottles of oil on the wall.

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