Friday, May 14, 2010


New York City police had to evacuate several blocks in lower Manhattan after finding a suspicious car parked with gas cans in the back. The suspicious part was that the driver was able to find a parking spot between 14th and 15th street.

At the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) fundraising dinner, President Obama said that"Republicans are like bad drivers, who once drove the car into a ditch and now want the keys back."He should have added that before hitting the ditch,they had a driver that rode on the wrong side of the track for 8 years.

Locals in New Orleans are complaining of an unsettling odor in the air. Many are suspecting that this may be related to the oil spill off the coast of Mexico. Either that or Kim Kardashian is nearby.

In England, Gordon Brown was been ousted bringing and end to an era. There were chants of "Brown is out" which coincidently is the same chant used by Jan Brewer in Arizona.

There are reports of a powerful bomb outside of a Greek prison. The explosion was so strong, it blew the lid off the Parthenon.

California caught up with the 21 year old man that found and sold the prototype 4G phone. It turns out, the roomate had reported him to police fearing they would trace the IP address to their home. Plus,"Brian never washes dishes and eats all my food."

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