Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WTF Wednesday - Helping out a Skinhead

As many of you know, I work for an organization that provides short-term housing to homeless families. The pre-requisite is that the family household must include a child or a pregnant mother. The families go to a homeless shelter and we find the families and we provide hosuing to families. We don't want children to sleep in a homeless shelter with dozens of homeless adults.

After an intake is done, we provide a taxi and place them in a motel. Then within 72 hours, a case worker is assigned to a family. That's where I come in. I meet with families and makes sure that they are looking for alternative housing and/or looking for work.

One of the families I got recently was a young guy, his wife, and little child. I was told that the guy had gone to jail for fraud so I was a little apprehensive. I knew that people that do fraud tend to be manipulative so my guard was up. I went to my first visit, no show. On the second visit, I met with the wife and she seemed razzled but the guy wasn't around. "He's looking for work," I was told.

Before meetng them I had seen a picture of the father and my first instinct was "Skinhead". But when I met him, he seemed very courteous and polite. I began to think that perhaps I had pre-judged him. I was told that he had gotten a job but wasn't paid yet. I told both of them that they needed to seek work and shelter as our program is short term.

On another visit to the motel to see my other clients, I stopped by to speak with management to see how our clients were doing.

"You know your clients So and So. I caught them sporting colors and I told them that I would not tolerate any flashing of gang colors in my motel."

At this point, I was scrambling my head to figure out which of my clients she was talking about because typically when people "flash colors" they are usually gang members. It turns out she was talking about the white couple.

"I saw both of them flashing their red suspenders and I told them that was a no-no and I further told the dad, "what are you doing man, you're a father now." The dad agreed it was time to grow up.

It turns out that among many skinheads, wearing red suspenders is a sign that they are neo-nazi skin heads and therefore adhere to a white power ideology. My instincts were right

"Where are they now?" I asked. "They left because their time expired and had to scrounge up money to stay one night at another motel", the manager tells me.

I have the option to expand their time. I have discretion. To be honest, I wasn't fazed by their flashing of colors. "What do you think I should do?" I asked management at the motel. "I think he is really trying and I know they are hurting because he was reported to be pan handling." She went on, "plus he felt kind of embarassed for flying colors in the first place." I decided to help them. My main concern was their child. I spoke to the wife and explained that I could extend their time so long as they follow our rules and "stop flashing colors." The wife giggled. I think she was ashamed that she got exposed.

In the end I felt good that a child was not going to be sleeping on the street. I also giggled to myself about what had just happened. A Mexican decided to help out Neo Nazi skin heads. They couldn't have been that hardcore. They accepted my help.


  1. It's funny how I was just ranting earlier about the stupidity of white supremacists. Hopefully, some can see how stupid, ignorant & immature they are, and just grow up is right.

    But just like the way this couples parents on both sides apparently failed, you can't let an innocent child take the brunt, too true. Hard move I'm sure, for any right thinking individual, but the right move in the end.

    Hopefully they not only comply & grow up, but burn those ridiculous suspenders & their disgusting, ignorant message. Really. Poor kids. G'damn.

  2. You're a good person. It does sound like they're probably just lamely following some group or cause without being invested in it. I remember years ago being caught (in the UK) in a street where the loathed National Front were staging a protest march. I was between the racist assholes and the people protesting THEM. It was crazy. All these skinheaded idiots with swastikas looking wild and enraged because non white people were taking "their" jobs. I remember feeling wild and enraged myself and wanting to reek some violence on THEM.

  3. knowing my evil ass, I would help them out even more and make them feel like a sac of shit lol Kill them with kindness lol

  4. There are many complex issues like this to deal with and they require us to take a step back and exercise wisdom and compassion. I applaud you for the good work you're doing with these people, Israel!

  5. You did the right thing Israel by helping this family no matter what. Children can't help who and what their parents are and don't need to suffer because of it. You are a wonderful person!

  6. Sigh. Image. It's like headbangers - always going on about how 'evil' they are, but most of them are a bunch of pussycats. BTW, in my part of the world, suspenders keep one's fishnet tights from falling down. That'd look good on a skinhead, alright!

  7. You did good, Israel. I read once about an African-American preacher who used to get phone calls from a Klan member who would say terrible things. The preacher just listened and then told the man he loved him. Every time he would say this and they started talking and actually became friends. The Klan guy was changed by love.

  8. What a weird situation. I haven't interacted with any Neo-Nazi supremisists before and I don't know what I would do if I did. Gangs of any sort are not something to mess with.

  9. i know someone who listens to anti-semitic and racist music... he looks like a neo-nazi himself and YET. But when he talks , he is the nicest guy ever.. its SO WEIRD. i just cannot explain people anymore.. LOL!

    ...after reading this i thought...and your name is Israel and you were helping a Neo-Nazi!!! LOL!!!

  10. I love this post!!! Awesome story; thanks for sharing. :)

  11. "You're a good man, Charlie Brown." :)

  12. I can see where a lot of the different comments that the child shouldn't suffer for the crimes of the father are coming from. But I also can't help thinking, isn't there another family that might be more worthy of your efforts? Although, I suppose the charity that you work with problem wouldn't like you picking and choosing who you'll help...

    What if you socked the guy? Pow! Right in the kisser! "That's for being a racist!" That way you could keep helping the poor guy's family and child AND take a stand against racism. :)