Thursday, February 17, 2011

Answering Machine Message - 2 months late!


  1. Are you serious? Two months late?!! Unbelievable. Well I guess he did say, "If you are still interested...."
    Hope you got assistance elsewhere Israel.
    I once sent an email to a therapist I had seen previously requesting a follow up. I never heard back from him. The email probably got lost, but I figured it was a sign I didn't really need the follow up. Sigh....

  2. Good thing there are lots of therapists to choose from. I wouldn't want them in an emergency!

  3. Was that a tortilla? I'm hungry.

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  5. Awww I hate to say it but my jaw dropped and I laughted! WTF! You were trying to seek help and it took them TWO months? What is a bunch of bull! If you were me, you would have went on a rampage by now!

    *I said 5 ocd and intoxication made me correct it lol

  6. Pamo- I'm dead serious. When I called I was feeling really shitty. Could you imagine if I was really really down? I would have been dead by now.
    Poetry - Are you laughing at me again? Or with me?
    Belle- Exactly right.
    J- Those are tortillas. Old crusty ones. 10 points for that!
    Yvonne- Your Mexican card is being revoked for not knowing the difference between tortillas and tostadas.
    Thundercat832 - I caught that also. Youre allright