Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quirks - I have some do you?

First of all, I want to thank all of my fellow bloggers who gave me words of encouragement after I took a mini-break from my blogs. Morgan from the Adorkable Ditz' Missteps reminded me that I had been up way too much and lack of sleep was not good for my health. There were countless others who were also very supportive in understanding that maintaining a blog requires a certain amount of creative output and energy to do so. It was cool to know that you guys weren't going anywhere. Thank you for that.

Ok, today's topic invloves quirks that I have. Because I prefer to run with a selective small group, few casual acquaintances are even aware of several idiosyncasies that I have. That is the public "me" is very different than the private "me". Sometimes people are surprised of the many interests and experiences that I have because I tend to be guarded among strangers. After reading many blogs, I have come to recognize that many of you experience the same thing. For example I read a great article where the female blogger expressed that her boyfriend (the extrovert) has no difficulty "working the room" while this female blogger (the introvert) is often overlooked.

Anyway, the point is that there are certain private, often embarassing things that bloggers do or think that are expressed freely in a blog that one would never divulge in a crowd or in a social setting. Here are mine:

Please suspend judgement and try to understand the logic behind this. Since I am a human, I am mortal. Because I'm mortal, that means one day I will die. Chances are that death will come as a surprise to me. Therefore, on the day that I DO die, it would be a waste to have a full tank because that's an extra couple of bucks that were wasted prior to my death.

I rarely ever actually read or write when I go out because the object of going out is to go out but I have a fear of being stuck somewhere and being bored out of my mind. I have actually read my book probably 1% of the time but I carry it for that 1%chance encounter.

If you drink from my straw, the drink is yours.

I hate ambiguity in communication. Therefore, I hate it when I get incomplete information such as, "Can you get me that thing that's over there?". My blood boils as such comments. The converse is true. I get irritated when I express a precise statement and I get questioned when the answer is in the statement itself. "Make a right turn on Beach Boulevard." If I hear, "Should I turn here?" I'm going to flip. Let's see. Is that Beach Boulevard? Yes. O.K do you know what general direction right is? O.K then.

My routine when I get home after work is to play chess and listen to Pandora. Sometimes, I will just be surfing the net but when I'm doing this, I hate to think. However, my girlfriend likes to use this moment to make plans about an event that will happen 5 years from today.

I hate to kill spiders because they kill flies. I just see spiders as my friends and I'm afraid that they may be reincarnations of people. However, I have no problem killing roaches which makes no sense since they too can be reincarnated.

What are your quirks? Please do tell!


  1. I kill spiders because things with eight eyes and eight legs don't deserve to be in my house. If he's outside, he can live to kill another fly.

    I hate to be interrupted when I blog. When I'm creating my art (or mess, depending who you are), I want complete silence.

    I can't bring myself to like any reality stars. I guess I envy someone who gets fame for doing nothing. Unless it's me, of course.

  2. I love quirk #1 and I get quirk #5 because my husband hates it when I talk to him while he is on the computer. I'm with Thank Q on spiders.

    My quirk? I can't watch sad movies. I don't care if it is an Oscar winner - I don't want to cry.

  3. Welcome back. Israel! Your quirks have merit and I share a few of them. I don't let others use my straw or drink from my bottle or glass. I don't like them stealing food off my plate either. I hate fluff communication and those who engage in it. I hate to be interrupted any time for any reason but especially when I'm trying to create. Noise and motion immediately derail my thought process. I don't kill spiders but I also don't kill flies, roaches, or any other living thing unless I have tried everything within reason to catch them and safely remove them from the house.

    Once again, welcome back to the blogosphere, my friend!

  4. You're back! Yay! I missed you friend! I hope you're feeling all better! I liked your No. 1 and it makes perfect sense to me. Your No. 2 I can relate to as well, because I do the same thing. I carry a small notepad in my purse at.all.times. -You never know when "inspiration" will strike!

  5. Glad to have you back!
    i dont share straws either. its GROSS.
    My unwind is music and a movie. and i hate being interrupted when watching it.
    as for spiders, if you saw the 10 inch Tarantulas that i have seen crawling along the walls at our home in Cambodia, you would DEFINITELY change your mind about them!

  6. I forgot to list a few of my quirks.
    1. Ok, so I can't stand for anyone else to read the Sunday paper while I'm reading it. Only Sundays though.

    2. Sharing straws is another one I won't do.

    3. When I set my alarm at night, I check and re-check it about 3 times before I finally lay down and go to sleep.

    There are more but this will do for now. lol

  7. They're good, I'm with you on spiders. But here's a weird one: if I see a roach my preferred method of dealing with them is boiling water from the kettle. I don't like to spray them because I think it's poisonous and I don't like to hit them with a shoe because then I have to clean-up their guts after. So slow and horrible death it is then!

  8. Thank Q- Ok I feel better now about being interrupted.
    Belle- Aww poor baby :(
    Shady - I shouldn't kill any life. You are right.
    Yvonne- The Sunday quirk is funny.
    Akseli- I'm glad you shared your quirk. I feel a bit more normal now.

  9. I have to check the stove and the door locks half a dozen times before leaving the house. (OK- a dozen times.) If I don't, the anxiety is horrible. There- I said it. Don't tell anyone.

  10. PAMO - My GF checks the stove alot also. I think once her mom's apartment almost went up in smoke. BTW I wont tell anyone.

  11. I snort when I laugh really hard.

    I never know when to shut up so that's why I try to stay quiet.

    I hate how many times my brother flushes the toilet.

    I sleep with a baby blankie every night.

    And you better listen to my advice Israel! I want you to be healthy!

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps