Monday, February 14, 2011

The Game is still strong

Today I went to my Vietnamese spot to get a massage. No not that kind! They don't love me long time there. Shame on you. I mean a real massage- not a mASSage.

Anyway I had to wait 15 minutes so the receptionist asked me to sit and wait on the couch. A young girl was sitting on a long couch but the shorter one was vacant so I was planning on sitting there.

"I'll move my stuff so you could sit next to me", the girl tells me. She smiled after that.

Fellas, you know how sometimes you question what you hear because it's such a rare event? This was one of them.

"Oh you're not going to sit next to me?" she continues.
"It's ok. I'll sit here."

I did make small talk to not make her feel rejected. "So you decided to treat yourseld for Valentines?" the girl went on with the persitance energy of youth.

I got on my phone to surf the net and she went back to reading a magazine.

A few minutes later the Vietnamese lady said it was my turn.
"Have fun", the girl tells me with a flirtacious smile.

As I was getting a massage I began to ponder what just happened. Do girls go crazy on Valentine's day? Am I that dam charming? Do I still have game? I mean the player card was never revoked it's just not activated.

Whatever the reason, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't flattered.


  1. Could she have been a hooker who splits profits with the massage parlor? If not then you missed a rare opportunity. You should have sat next to her and found out where she was coming from and where it would lead. If you regret having missed this chance maybe you can still turn it around by giving a message to the receptionist at the massage place and asking her to pass it along to that young lady. It's a long shot but the gesture might remind the girl of something out of a Hollywood chick flick and she might go for it. The one good thing that should come from this is a mojo boost for you. Get anchored to that flattering incident and use it in the future to behave more confidently around attractive women.

  2. You must have found the winning cologne! :) But hey it's nice to get a little ego boost when you're not expecting it, no?

  3. I think she found you hot, Israel! I think Shady forgets you have a girlfriend. Be a good boy.

  4. You should probably hang out around that place every day until you run into her again.

  5. You got game babyyy! hahaha She was totally hitting on you. You were nice, which was good. I'm sure you had an extra pep in your step after that! That's a great feeling!

  6. That's awesome Israel. Annddd if you're ever in Oxnard please let me know, I keep running into doubles and it's starting to freak me out. At least you know what I look like so if it really is you you would at least acknowledge me if you saw me.

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  7. So the potion I gave you worked...? Hmmm...


  8. You totally got game, dude!

    Oh and sorry I haven't been visiting. I have hardly been writing lately... Stupid work and travel and crap getting in the way of blogging.

    Good to see your still rockin', though. Picked up a few followers along the way too. Nice!

  9. What up playa!?!

    *licks fingers...touches shoulder...sizzles*