Friday, February 18, 2011

jokes 2-18-11

Lady GAGA dressed up like a condom to promote AIDS awareness. Afterwords, she felt like a dick.

In Belgium they have been without a Federal Government for 249 days. Citizens knew something was different when things actually got accomplished.

On a sports radio show, Charlie Sheen offered advice to Lindsey Lohan saying she needs to control her inpulses. Isn't that like Michael Vick telling PETA to be nice to animals?

If a midget homeowner loses his house to the bank, is that called twoclosure?

Britney Spears debuts her video for "Hold it against me" - it's a song about what you should do to her if you ever come across a stun gun.

Michael Jordan turns 48 today. Nowadays the only dunkin' he does involves donuts.

The FDA has approved marketing the Lap-Band surgery for patients that are less obese than those whou currently use the device. So if you need it, jog to your local hospital and jog home and repeat this several times. Save money.


  1. Great material, Israel! I got nothin'.

  2. Mmmmm .. Dunkin Donuts!

    I've been watching Britney's new video on repeat all morning. Eventually I'll turn the sound on and check out the song. ;-)