Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taking a little break

I have decided to take a mini break from this blog because I think I'm getting sick and I feel weak and crabby, My throat hurts, I've been sneezing, amd I have been stressed out a little bit. I would hate to produce half ass work for the sake of posting so I'm going to chill for a while.

The act of writing jokes takes a long time and effort and right now, I don't have the energy.However, I might still post random stuff if I get the urge to say something. I just don't want to limit myself to having to produce monologue jokes. At the same time, I feel pressure to write jokes because my blog clearly states that I will write jokes and I feel that people may come here just for jokes but as any casual observer of my blog can tell you, I try to mix it up. I hope my readers wont abandon me if I write about other themes and observations.

I believe that part of getting into a creative mode includes making writing fun again and I'm hoping that by putting less pressure on myself, I can be free to create. Does any of this make sense? I didn't think so.


  1. It makes perfect sense Israel. You do what feels right and I will follow. I think you're terrific.
    I enjoy ALL of your posts. Creativity does take energy and it's good to respect that for yourself. Create on!

  2. just take your time out, get better, wack off AND GET BACK HER AND DO YOUR JOB BEFORE I TRACK YOU DOWN AND TO HORRIBLE SHIT TO YOUR TESTICLES! ;) Get well homie...or else!

  3. I'm sorry to learn that you're not feeling well again, good buddy. Don't put pressure on yourself. Blogging should be fun, a creative outlet, not an obligation. Rest up and take care of yourself. Your friends will all be here when you return!

  4. There's no need to apologize. Do what you have to do and take care of you! :)

  5. Rest up and come back when you are ready just as long as you come back.

  6. What you said made perfect sense. And if you feel like it, you can always change the name of your blog. The address would just stay the same.
    I hope you are well soon. We will still be here.

  7. I think you need to get some hot teas with lemon or honey, or a shot of tequilla. That or Windex.

  8. Take it easy Israel. Take a nice warm bubble bath with soothing music and get some sleep. I see you posting in the wee hours of the morning and it's not healthy!

    Get rest and stick to a healthy sleep schedule and we'll be waiting when you're ready to come back. <3


  9. I was at about the same point at the same time because I was starting to come down with something I thought was horrid.

    Luckily, it eased up after the initial onset. Glad you're back into the swing of things.