Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Anderson Cooper was attacked and beaten in Egypt.He’s blaming it on on a misunderstanding. Being a smoker, he asked if it was o.k if he lights up a camel?

In Egypt the world got see the Police be idle and do nothing as chaos and destruction was all around them. These cops are being recruited by U.S members of Congress.

China is restricting reports on the internet regarding the recent, Egyptian uprising. Censorship made in China.

Charlie Sheen was thankful for all the support he received following reports of his wild partying. I'm of course talking about the wonder bras.

Borders announced that they will go bankrupt. It's a sign of the times in America when the only closed border is a bookstore.

At 180 miles an hour winds, Cyclone Yasi has left thousands of people homeless in Australia. There hasn't been this much damage caused by wind since Sarah Palin last spoke.

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband was hospitalized in Los Angeles after he collapsed in an elevator. It took a long time to discover him on the floor. Everyone was facing straight ahead.


  1. Censorship made in China. Hahahaha. Does it mean... Oh... Okay.

  2. "being recruited by U.S members of Congress."

    "damage caused by wind"

    Hahaha! Great as always!!

  3. Fartlie Sheen can eat my ass lmfao He lost his damn mind! I used up all my forgiveness on Robert Downey Jr! lol

  4. Ah, a Sarah Palin joke. Thank you.

  5. Poor people in Australia, I hope they're okay. Sarah Palin darn you!

    Wow I wonder if Borders is going to shut down completely...That means I'm going to have to go to Ventura for books...Well I like it better there anyways haha.

  6. LOL! That Borders joke is classic.

  7. Sara Palin -even her name irritates me! Great jokes! lol