Saturday, February 19, 2011

I saw the best- Worst Movie ever. YOU MUST SEE IT

Fellow Bloggers. I rarely endorse anything on my blog. But, if you want to laugh, feel repulsed, confused, and be entertained, then you must see THE BEST WORST MOVIE EVER.

This movie is supposed to be serious. The guy that wrote this movie is the main actor and he is very, very foreign. The film came out in 2003 and yet the lead character looks like Milli Vanilli's third member. Girl you know it's true.

The acting is horrible. The plot makes no sense. The music and love scenes are cheesy. The dialogue goes nowhere and yet this movie is pure genius because even if you got the best producers and asked them to make the worse film ever, they can't touch The Room.

This movie has a cult following. Now it sells out and people line up for hours to see the masterpiece of crap. They yell out the cheesy lines and the main actor, Tommy Wiseau is a cult hero. His horrible acting made him a hero. Though now he tries to say he purposely make a bad film, the truth is that this gem was discovered by accident by the masses that saw humor in crap.

If you want to have the best movie night, invite good friends, grab some wine or beer, order The Room and don't be surprised if you say, "What the hell was that?"

I will buy this movie make no mistake about that. Below is one of many classic scenes of The Room. Watching this movie should be part of your "bucket list".


  1. Wow, I have to see this.

    I've recently discovered movie reviews are damn fun & entertaining. I love this, and that there are bloggers out there talking about weird movies too.

  2. Oh, man! Definitely on my list of must-sees!

    One of my friends showed me a movie that was suppose to be serious but much like this one it was so horrible it became hilarious! I'll have to ask him the title of the movie and share it with you!

  3. Pixi- Have to is right.
    Def Natalia. Once you get the title, let me know.

  4. Wow, so is this like the horrible acting, no-musical, equivalent of Rocky Horror Picture show where people go watch the movie and recite the lines out loud?

    *Googles "The Room" show times in New Jersey*

  5. Sounds similar to Zardoz. Hubby and I started it, it was awful and yet we couldn't turn it off.

  6. J- It's exactly like Rocky Horror, excpet that the actors in Rocky Horror have skill.
    Belle- Thanx for letting me know about Zardoz. What's the plot behind that movie?