Wednesday, September 8, 2010

" You gettin' ready for jail?"

Today's story highlights how ghetto Anaheim can be. I went to the park to exercise by doing push using a park bench to do "inclines". I get a quick glance at the side of my eyes. It's two Mexican guys that look like "homies" or "Cholos" and a white girl that looked tore up.

I notice that they are staring in my direction as I'm doing push ups. They pause and stare at me tentatively. I think quick and put two and two together and realize that they probably want the bottle of whiskey that is leaning against the bench I'm using. "Do you want the bottle?" I ask. "Yeah" the white girl giggles. "What are you training for?" she asks me. "I don't want to die" is my respond.

"You getting ready for jail?" one homeboy asks me. "Something like that" I respond pretending to be tougher than I am. I leave.