Thursday, September 2, 2010

No Work and No Pay makes me a dull boy

I've been on an involuntary long vacation AKA unemployed now for several months now and I have experienced the many emotions involved. Initially I felt relief. " God I needed a break anyway and I was burned out." Next came anxiety as I now had no schedule. Awaiting the DNA results on Maury does not count. The anxiety turned to depression as I now pondered my future and my life decisions. Then I went on several interviews. I felt hope.

There was one position in Long Beach that I thought I would get. The lady that inteviewed me was a Laker fan as I was. I got a letter saying "We're sorry...."
I felt depression again. The depression and the sense of hopelessness engulfed me on some days that I couldn't sleep or see the sun outside my room. But I kept on sending resumes. I got more interviews but some of the companies that wanted to "hire" me showed up as "SCAM" when I did a Google search.

The stress of being jobless affected me mentally and physically. I'm already crazy but the toll that it took on my body was bad. I believe that stress was responsible for some of the numbing sensation on my body.

I have sinced changed my diet, implemented an exercise routine, and I refuse to worry about that which is outside my control. I have been on two consecutive interviews and this has given me hope that someone,somewhere, will see that I'm OK.

I was rather amused by the comments of Newt Gingrich who said, "if you're unemployed and you turn down work, you're lazy." Or even better is the psychoanalysis of Ben Stein who said of the unemployed, " people who have been laid off and cannot find work are generally people with poor work habits and poor personalities."

The good news is that I have some money to keep me afloat for a little while and I'm more positive about what the future holds. I had two interviews. One with a Russian lady that kinda made me nervous and the other was with a very nice lady that seemed very sincere. I'm optimistic now (It's better for my health) All I can do is try right? I'll still keep seing humor amid the darkness and tragedy. I choose to laugh rather than cry.


  1. Man, I'm sorry things have been so rough! Keep your chin up - you're out there trying and that's half the battle. F*ck Newt Gingrich and Ben Stein - it's easy to be glib about finding work when you've never done an honest day's work in your life. Yeah, I said it!

    Hang in there, buddy, and keep finding the funny. You're gonna be just fine.

  2. I was waiting for the punch line at the end of your post. That's what you get for being a comedian. Keep hanging in there. You still have a great sense of humor.

  3. Thanx Bev for the passionate FU. #167 dad, I'll keep swinging and Chaka sorry there was no punchline in that last post, but I'll have some in future ones.

  4. Boo on the depression and anxiety! No bueno!!! But I totally understand and can relate (you have no idea!) I'm sure you will find something soon! Chin up! -I must confess, I too was waiting for the punchline at the end of your post! Something along the lines of "fooled you suckers!" or something like that. :)

  5. Thanx Culture. I really appreciate that.