Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Lady Gaga showed up to the VMAs wearing a dress made of real meat. She was almost killed when she accidently ran into Michael Vick.

Iran has released American hiker, Sarah Shourd after being jailed for over one year. To be cruel, Iran officials released her with the words, "take a hike."

A French study finds that the French are not the greatest lovers. The biggest complain women had about their men is that half-way into it, they just quit.

Pete Rose got emotional at a roast in a casino and cried about coming clean and accepting responsibility for gambling at baseball. He got 5-1 on his money that he would cry at the event.

Jennifer Lopez will be the next American Idol judge. She will give great singing advice. The contestants will be wise to listen to that advice and do the opposite.

The French Senate has approved a burqa ban. Protesters against the ban then gathered in central France wearing burqas. Initially, residents of the town thought it was ninja convention.


  1. Great jokes. The first and last were my top favorites.

  2. Thanx Belle for your constant support.:)

  3. The second one made me spit out my water from laughing! THANKS! ---you are hilarious!

  4. Thanx guys for your positive feedback. Keep coming back. I'm open on weekends.