Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My failed attempt at creating an Indian civil war

I admit it. I'm guilty of attempting to create an Indian civil war. Let me explain. A few weeks ago I discovered an Indian/Chinese restaurant on Lincoln Blvd. The food was decent as was the price. "Hello brother" I was greeted by the owner who wore a diamond earing in his ear and had his hair slick back like Elvis Presley.

I was glad to have found an Indian restaurant near my place. The owner and the cook were very nice to me. Strangely, the cook would speak to me in Spanish. I would respond in Spanish and he gave me a confused look. I concluded that he was actually Indian but felt the need to connect with me by speaking Spanish.

Across from that restaurant is another Indian restaurant (pictured here). The food was tastier and the price was almost identical. A friendly middle-aged lady gave me excellent service by bringing me items ala carte even though the buffet was over. She agreed to charge me the buffet price. Yes!. She explained to me what I was eating and she had a very nice demeaner.

That's when I attempted to create a war bewteen the two Indian restaurants.

"Are you the same restaurant as across the street?" I quizzed her.
"No we are different."
"Who is better?" (This was the question that was aimed at starting a rift bewteen the two establishment)

She paused and politely said " I won't say anything bad about the other restaurant."
She continued, "the customer can decide for himself who is better."

I was surpised that she showed so much class and refused to bad mouth the competition. Today I returned and that same lady remembered me, "Isiah right?"

That's close enough.


  1. Israel you sure like to live dangerously. And you forgot one thing, you might start the war but these eating establishments might finish it....think of what they could put in your food...which you would not have any idea about until it is too late! :)

  2. Belle - Only slightly and Wayne - You make an excellent point. After ordering food, they do become God.

  3. That's funny! I never see any Indian restaurants and there are two right across the street from each other near you. Don't go be startin' no wars now, brother!

  4. I promise you they give each other the evil eye from across the street. Hope its not the 'third eye'.

  5. Kelley - It is weird that there are 2 so close together but Anaheim is so diverse.

    80's mom - I think you are right. Deep down they want each other dead but publicly they have to be diplomatic.

    Culture- Alot of shame and boredom.