Monday, September 13, 2010


Super Mario Brothers turns 25 years old. They hold fond memories of the good ole' days when mushrooms and gold coins were affordable and there was no tax for slaying dragons.

Tensions are running high between Japan and China after japan captured the crew of a Chinese fishing boat over disputed waters. The Chinese captain is claiming he made a wong turn.

More than 400 students at Norwin High School in Pennsylvania were shocked to see gay porn images that accidently were flashed on stage during a powerpoint presentation that was supposed to highlight the importance of donating blood. The Rainbow Coalition has no comment.

Lady Gaga swept the VMA awards, winning 8 awards including best female video, best pop video, and best madonna imitation.

Britney Spear's custody of her children is in jeopardy amid child abuse allegations from her former body guard. According to the complaint, she would force her children to listen to her music.

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