Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday = Equals = The game that needs YOU!!!

I Tried getting this game off the ground with limited success but I still think this game will take off. Remember Rome wasn't built in one day.

Today's formula:

Foolish Italian making a fool of himself in front of television = Mike the Situation. 30 years later and broke = Tony Danza

What is your formula? Play and you will get 30 Karma pointz


  1. Ok, I think I got one! lol It's lame but whatever.

    Me+Football=Algebra made easy. -It will never happen!

    Be gentle. ha!

  2. Hmmm. Formulae? Lessee: I need those karma points... SA government + a few billion dollars - any sense of social responsibility = one enormous party!

  3. Nightmares every night = depression = happy self-talk = a crazy person: Me

  4. Great posts from all of you. You can tell by my time posted that I'm having a bad case of . Watch.insomnia today. Thanx for playing. I'm telling you. This game will catch on.
    Yvonne- I liked how it started but then WTF happened? I get what yiu were saying:)

    Mutter- as always dropping political bombs!

    Belle: Join the club!

  5. hey i prefaced by saying it was lame! i suck at these games! lol

  6. I'm a new follower - Please follow me back. For every follower that joins I will be releasing a Unicorn back into the wilds of the New Jersey boardwalk. So please do your part by joining and saving these special creatures. Thanks
    Thanks, Mr. Monkey

  7. I can't think right now, but I like this game and you should keep it as a regular feature. It will catch on.