Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here you have 9-9-10

The NFL season opener begins today as the Saints face the Vikings. It's also the exact same time that wives/girlfriends decide that this is the perfect time to talk about "feelings".

Quarterback, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots was invloved in a car accident in Boston. He's placing all the blame on his right tackle.

Rudy Ruettiger teammate Joe Montana said that the movie "Rudy" wasn't based on real events. Tough to tell who the real loser is.

Iran is set to release hiker Sara Shourd, jailed for 13 months, for illegaly entering Iran. In related news, she is also suing the hell out of Google Maps.

An email reading "Here you have" is spreading a virus. The weird thing is years ago I caught a virus after being told that same phrase.

P.S (The picture is of Nina who sold me my glasses. As a selling point she said my glasses will be O.K in jail because they are made of plastic. Racist? maybe. Funny? Hell yeah!)


  1. When you're in the slammer, let us know how the glasses worked out.

  2. Good stuff....especially liked the google maps bit! :)

    Oh, and I didn't talk about my "feelings" last night...I chowed down on some pizza and watched the game! ;)

    Who were YOU rooting for?


  3. I like the Colts. Hello and I'm being sarcastic about the "feelings" bit. I also ate pizza and wings. :)

  4. Montana got blasted for what he said about "Rudy"
    Check this out: