Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flash Back Funny


  1. Ah the good old days,when there were actually some "comedy" shows on television. Why are there no good comedies on tv anymore? All of these serious shows,which have made us all too serious!

  2. Wayne - the quality of TV shows has gone down the hill in my opinion. The Gong Show was great in it's simplicity, there was a brilliance to it. My theory is that since very few elites in Hollywood run Hollywood, they just employ people they know and not the most talented. This is the reason that shows on cable and satellite are so much better. Just watching the trailers of the shows that the newtworks promote make me want to say, "who thought of this?". Incidently, I read that NBC got rid of the Gong Show because they would not tame it and make it safer. Go figure.