Sunday, September 5, 2010

Joining the 21st century (My 200th Post!!!)

As I was driving my "Gremlin" listening to The Carpenters on my 8 track, It dawned on me, I need to join the 21st century. I bought one of those "touch screen" phones. Yes I know that there are Smart Phones that can do everything including time travel but I always saw the phone as a device to speak to someone. Yes, I know that the iPad is like a mini-computer that does it all. I'm aware of what's out there but I just don't want to be caught up in the machinery that is the Apple cult. However, I had to finally get a phone because my last phone was a "flip phone" that sounded like I was talking to someone using two cups,2 buttons, and a string.

Here is what I learned about my touch phone:

It was created and designed by a woman. Here is why. It is not only necessary that you touch the right spot. In addition to touching the right spot, it has to be touched a certain way. It's like the phone was designed with a G-spot which I still can't find.


  1. LOL, Israel, Congratulations on your 200th post!

  2. Hey any idea where I can snag one of those time travel phones you mentioned????

  3. Joe- they can be purchased at the Twilight Zone.
    Wayne - I tried posting on your blog and my comp would freeze. I wanted to comment on the soccer kick which is amazing but I couldn't open up the link to read about the scientific explanation.

  4. Israel thanks for telling me you couldn't watch the video (sigh). I wonder what is going on? Could you do me a favor and go to this website and see if you get a confirmation that java is working on your computer? thanks!