Monday, August 2, 2010


Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel are both facing ethics violations. Pundits are wondering if they will play the race card. I think they are better off playing the get out of jail card.

Dr. Phil spent $29 million dollars on a Beverly Hills mansion. "Doctor Phil take a seat in this couch. Let's talk about your obsessive need to over compensate. Have you seen a doctor about your problem down there?"

Former Spice Girl singer Geri Halliwell is reportedl buying a $5 million dollar home in Wiltshire, South West England. At that price, she knows what she wants what she really really wants.

Justin Bieber is turning author and releasing a memoir. It can be found in the children's section under "fiction".

According to Lady Gaga, she spractices abstinence to not hinder her creativity. This may explain why Susan Boyle is freaking brilliant.

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  1. If abstinence resulted in better creativity I wouldn't have taken a month off the blog because I was out of ideas to blog about. Maybe she's talking about voluntary abstinence?