Thursday, August 12, 2010

Doctor to me: "Are you on the computer alot?"

A few days ago, I was lying in bed with my crazy thoughts when I experienced a tingling sensation on my left hand. I thought it had fallen asleep and thought nothing of it. However, the next day I still had the numbness in my hand. This freaked me out! In my mind, I'm laying in a casket or connected to an I.V ( I tend to consider worse case scenarios). I wasn't sure what was wrong with me so I exercised hoping I would feel better. The tingling was still there so I went to a a Korean accupuncture who fed me some bullshit and put pins in my body to " spread the energy ". I'm big on supplements and "alternative healing" so I gave it a shot. $100 dollars later, the numbness was still there. I told the "doctor" that and he replied with, " it's going to take a few times before it goes away..." I was had but he was a good salesperson so he got rewarded for his performance.

Today I went to a clinic for poor people since I don't have health insurance and I am poor. The doctor did some test on my hands. " Do you text alot?" "Everyday" I responded "Are you on the computer alot? I sheepishly answer "yes". ( I didn't mention this blog). The doctor said that I have to limit my computer use, take Ibuprofen, and squeeze a tennis ball. He believes that I just have a pinched nerve. So in the next few days, I may take some time off on a doctor's order. This Saturday I will also take more tests to check my blood pressure and cholesterol levels just to make sure I'm ok.


  1. I'm sorry to hear your computer hand is ill. Please let it get well soon. Squeeze those balls! (erm.. well.. you know what I mean!)

  2. OH NO!! Try one of those fancy smancy keyboards too, oh never mind, you said you were poor. Haha, me too, that's why my wrists hurt.

    Anywho, just take it easy and let it heal. We'll all be out here waiting.

  3. Squeeze!

    And no more pins in your body.
    Waste of money.

  4. pinched nerve, huh? i gave you that diagnosis. how is it now?? UPDATE US!!

  5. Damn! OK I'm taking a break to watch television (because that's so much better) I hope you're OK Israel!