Tuesday, August 3, 2010

RE " What the F - - - did you do in your life?"

The guy in the video was kicked out of Tang's Donuts in Los Angeles for being drunk. In his defense, he says he was helping out his friend after he flew threw the window at the coffee shop. Tang's is located on Sunset and Fountain near Hollywood. Tang's used to be a hot spot for chess players. Years ago I used to play the crazies there. Today it is a shadow of it's former self and few people actually visit the place. Notice how the chess players in the video just stay glued to the board. I told you guys I carry my camera everywhere. Enjoy!


  1. Good Lord! I never heard the like of it. Big city living... Of course, chess is very absorbing!

  2. I think the proper term is called "projection" - and I'm not referring to the friend being thrown through the window.