Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8-18-10 How low can you go?

Dr. Laura is leaving her radio show after the backlash she received for using the N-word with a caller on the air. The good news is she is getting a starring role in the next Mel Gibson film.

Rod Blagojevich's corruption trial was filled with tension. When the verdict was read and he was cleared of all but one count, the hair on his head stood up, I think.

Dr. Frank Ryan, a plastic surgeon to many Hollywood celebrities, has died in a car accident after he was "texting" and accidently went over a cliff. Funeral services will be held at the Hollywood Wax Museum.

Katie Holmes told New York Magazine that after 4 years, she is still star struck by Tom Cruise. She should report that domestic abuse.

An armless pianist,Liu Wei wowed the audience and judges on "China's got talent" when he played a a moving rendition of Mariage D'amour. There hasn't been anyone with with his foot skills since Larry Craig was in an airport bathroom.

Joaquin Phoenix has announced the release of his rap documentary entitled "I'm still here" which coincidently is the same title of Brett Favre's autobiography.

Eggs coming from Wright County Iowa are being recalled in 8 states over Salmonella concerns. This was an easy case to crack.

In South Carolina 29 year old Shaquan Duley is being charged with murder after her kids were found submerged in a river. This case is very similar to the Susan Smith case where a mother also drowned her kids in South Carolina. What’s going on in South Carolina? It’s like there is something in their water.


  1. Oh lordy. Magic post, but I can't get over the pic!

  2. Cracked the Case - I love a good pun as much as a good egg joke.
    Hey, what's the opposite of white?

  3. It was corney but sometimes that's all I have.

  4. Israel thank you for making us aware of Liu Wei, the pianist. Watch this video of his piano performance at Youtube: