Monday, August 23, 2010


Isn't building a mosque near Ground Zero in NY similar to building a church in Native American land?

A new study reveals that rectal cancer has risen to people under the age of 40. Researchers say that one way to eliminate exposure is to watch less Fox news.

Katy Perry's new album "Teenage Dreams" contains a song called E.T about a hot, alien, guy. That song is banned in Arizona.

Drew Barrymore recently told a reporter that long-distance relationships are hard. No wonder, he was always trying to phone home.

Tiger Woods and his wife's divorce is official. Though the terms of the settlement are undisclosed, some are saying it's $500 million over par.


  1. I love the Kate Perry one. Hilarious!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh cool thanx. You need to be in my next blog.