Thursday, August 26, 2010


Jimmy Carter arrived in North Korea to advocate the release of an American who is serving an 8 year sentence. Who better to negotiate than a man who is an expert on nuts.

A British spy was murdered and stuffed in a bag and left at a London apartment. Police have made no arrest but according to "Clue" it was the butler.

The DEA is looking for Ebonics Experts to help fight the war on drugs. Applicants are asked to be fixin' to apply you know what I'm sayin?

The conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck now says she supports gay marriage and called Obama a cool guy. Showing reciprocity Keith Olbermann is now saying he hates brown people and called Glen Beck rational.

A British woman is receiving public scorn after she was videotaped throwing a cat inside a trash bin. The cat survived so it's still curious.


  1. Yes, I heard about the cat: a matter for lynching if you're British!

  2. ha - the hasselbeck/olbermann one is awesome