Friday, July 30, 2010

4 common phrases/words that bug me

# 1 - " I Saw it with my own eyes " - As opposed to what? - Using somebody else's. "Hello mad scientist, mind if I borrow you eyes to peek through this telescope?

#2 - "Me, Personally" - God I really hate this one. Implied in "Me" is that it reflects the essence of you. So unless you have multiple personalities like Sybil, it is not necessary to let me know that what you are expressing represents you and not another entity.

#3 - "Literally" - I don't have qualms against the word itself. I have issue with people using it wrong. I was watching a ghost documentary and they are interviewing a lady who claims to have seen a ghost. She busted out with this gem: " I was literally scared to death!". Holy shit this is the ultimate ghost show as they are interviewing a dead woman who appears healthy, well for a dead person.

#4- "Society" - The word on it's own is ok. Where I get turned off is when pseudo intellectuals use it in a debate to point out some injustice. Now if you are smart and your point is well expressed, you have a pass to use society as many times as you like. But, if you read one book on Emile Durkheim and you have the solution to class warfare, I'm going to pop you in the eye. When a fool begins a sentence with "society wants you to... I'm day dreaming about eating chicken


  1. Oh and there's more! How about 'mature decisions' for starters? Will probably think of a hundred more when I log out! Thanks for the chuckle

  2. That is a good one, If you think of others, let me know!