Monday, August 30, 2010


Roger Clemens pleaded not gulity to charges that he lied to Congress about his steroid use. He also issued a counter-suit claiming Congress has been lying to us for years.

The Bank of Japan took measures to ease monetary policies to help kick start the economy. If this doesn't work, they'll turn to plan B: The Karate Kid.

Designer Tina Sparkles created and displayed a one-shouldered dress out of discarded computer wires at the Austin Fashion week. Afterwards, the model wearing the dress was bombared with hundreds of wedding proposals from computer geeks.

Paris Hilton will be charged with a felony after police found cocaine in her bag. The cop asked her if she did blow and Paris responded, "haven't you seen my movie?"

Glenn Beck held a rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. He said the purpose of it was to restore honor. He then dismissed himself from the event.

Today marks the 5th year anniversary of Hurricance Katrina or as George W. Bush calls it, that place I should've gone sooner to.


  1. Poor Paris. Sure did make a really pretty mug show though. So, she has that going for her.

  2. That's true. Hey jay how was your first radio show?

  3. Hahaha fantastic.
    Glenn Beck is such a tool.

  4. He is a tool.But in his defense, he is a crack up

  5. Oh lord. Well, I guess I'd better go and find out who Glenn Beck is for starters! Hmm. Politician? Probably forgettable... :) Paris? Oh sure! Twas classic when she lit up a joint inside one of the stadiums during the world cup. Silly girl.
    5 years since Katrina? Feels like less somehow...

  6. Glenn Beck is a talk show host who is pretty conservative who is really crazy, almost insane, and he says and does controversial things. He had a meltdown once where he started crying like a baby. On another occasion, he screamed at a caller like a psycho. Because of his antics, he was almost going to be fired from the Fox network. However, the antics proved to be good for ratings. There are many people that actually believe he has substance. Then again, there are people that swear they see Elvis.