Sunday, August 22, 2010

God works in mysterious ways; like using Old Korean men

I know that Mr. Mijagi is Japanese, Daniel son. That's not the point. Allow me to wax on with the story. Being that this is Sunday, I thought I'd get "religious" with a true tale of what happened to me a few days ago and to address the possibility that perhaps God was speaking to me via an old, Korean man.

I had gotten my daily coffee from Starbucks and was going home when an old, Asian man approached me in the parking lot.

"Can you take me to...?"
"get in", I said.
It's true. I did not know this man but he looked frail and lost. If he happened to kill me, then he deserved it for his convicting act.
"Can you take me to church on Valley View?" He continued, " I'm part of ministry from Korea. You know I spoke to American about Jesus. My English no good but holy spirit worked through me and he accepted Jesus. Tears come from his eyes."
"Do you go to church?" he asked.
"I used to but not anymore."
"mabybe you should go back"
He told me that he wanted to get food but " you can't get too much food for $1 dollar." I offered to pay for his meal. "I like Chinese food or burrito" he told me. I told him I'd get him a burrito nearby. He went on to tell me that he knew nobody and only had one dollar. " Is it ok if I take a picture for my website? (blog). "No No" he waved, almost in disgust. He probably thought I was weird. We arrived at "Juan Pollo" and I got him a giant, chicken burrito. We did not speak to each other and sat in separate tables. The food was ready and I handed it to him ready to take him to his destination. "It's o.k I take bus." "Ok". I left wondering if I had freaked him out. I felt good to have fed him. I concluded that hey may have been going to the church to eat. Maybe Jesus was reincarnated as an old,Korean man. Maybe, the Korean man was sent as a messenger to tell me to go church. Maybe,King Jong Il has spies in Anaheim gathering intelligence.


  1. Maybe he just wanted a chicken burrito!

  2. Perhaps but he didn't really push the food issue. Maybe you're right.

  3. Oh he was definitely Jesus reincarnate. After giving old Asian man a ride, not murdering him, and feeding him, of course He decided you were on the Heaven list. Let's just hope He doesn't find out about all that bad shit you said about Him.