Thursday, July 1, 2010


President Obama is pushing for immigration reform citing that "the system is broken". However,it is being put together by using cheap labor from immigrants.

The BP oil spill will be in the Guiness Book of World Record for the worse oil spill in history. This event has also distinction of causing more Americans to begin drinking Guiness.

The New Jersey Nets met with Lebron James to try to sway him to play for them. Their selling point? We're right next to New York.

Portland police are re-opening the case against Al Gore that allegedly involved making unwanted sexual advances at a masseuse. It's a case of a therapist vs The rapist.

After almost 70 years, Wonder Woman's outfit will include pants instead of a bathing suit to counter sexist allegations. However, to not lose the young,male audience, she will keep her Wonder Bra.


  1. Oh dear, the therapist word play.... he he

  2. the unocumented worker bit is funny. i always wondered if undocumented workers were used to put together the fence to keep out undocumented workers...

  3. Yeah several people have used that joke including: George Lopez, Carlos Mencia, and I believe one of the "Kings of Comedy". It's a similar idea with a slight variation.