Thursday, July 22, 2010

I love supplements! Paranoia or Health?

I'm a huge believer in supplements. I have experienced and have known too many people which have had adverse "side effects" after taking medication - even after getting that FDA stamp of aproval. Here is my story. I have mental problems but I read a book from a doctor that showed me a natural alternative to medication. Pictured here are some of my daily supplements. Not all are taken for my craziness. I take fish oil, GABA, DMAE, and 5htp to keep me balanced. I have an attorney friend of mine that has bad anxiety and has improved after taking 5-HTP. The fish oil is supposed to help with concentration and with the cardiovascular system. I take that purple supplement because it has creatine which helps with maintaining muscles. I take that bone supplement because I'm convinced that I'm slowly decomposing and my bones are becoming brittle (read snap,crackle,pop a previous post I wrote on getting older). I began taking Chromium because my foot began to get a tingling sensation and I assume the worse that I have poor circulation and will get my foot chopped off so before that happens, I take this supplement. I take vitamins because my diet usually sucks and this is supposed to make up for the tacos and pizza that I love so much. I sometimes have insomnia so when that happens I usually drink red wine or take magnesium with zinc because this helps me catch zzzzs. Melatonin also works but this makes me sleepy the next day. Everyday I take raw bee pollen because It supposed to be the "perfect food" with many of the amino acids that are essential. I recently began to take raw garlic each night. It contains anti-oxidants and helps with the circulation of my blood. Also, vampires leave me alone now.

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