Friday, July 16, 2010


An Iowa Tea Party group has removed a billboard that likened Obama to Hitler and Lenin. They got their money back in rubles.

The Senate has passed President Obama's Financial Overhaul Plan. As a result of this, JP Morgan Chase will be re-named JP Morgan Caught.

BP was finally able to cap and put an end to the leaky mess. For President Obama,the real chalenge is in finding a cap that does the same for Joe Biden.

In China there were multiple reports of UFOs in the sky, causing the Xiaoshan Airport to close down. You see, in China when they see suspected alien aircraft, they freak out. In America, suspecting someone is an illegal alien warrants the same response.

Melissa Gilbert performed in the Little House on the Prairie musical with a broken back! Between the musical and the movie, I don't know which broke back is more difficult to watch.

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