Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July !!!

This 4th of July weekend marks a special event as Americans everywhere gather with friends and family to experience the explosive fireworks- at the dinner table.

U.S socialite Paris Hilton will not serve any jail time for possession of marijuana after a South African court agreed to drop the charges. This is a reverse of what usually happenes with Paris Hilton. Usually she drops something and that isn't a good thing.

A couple in Spokane Washington paid for their wedding from money earned collecting cans. Guests described the wedding as a smashing success.

Many iPhone4 users are irrate that their wireless signal erroneously reports its strenght. Steve Jobs said the problem is in the software and recommends that they download the latest version of Apple's iDon'tcare.

Tiger's now ex-wife will get 3/4 of a billion dollars as part of her divorce settlement contingent that she keep a vow of silence. In her case, silence IS golden.

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