Monday, July 26, 2010

America's Pastime. For me ,maybe the last time

Sometimes the myth is greater than the reality. Sometimes nostalgia blurs the reality of a situation. This is the case with watching a baseball game. People will say that baseball games are as American as apple pie and "fun" but I beg to differ. This Saturday several of us went to Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA. The idea seemed fun. There is sun, free tickets, and good seats. Now the reality. First of all, they charge an arm and a leg for food and beer. Everyone brags about those famous "Dodger Dogs" which are expensive hot dogs. The hot dog frank was skinny as hell. I was going to use it to floss my teeth! I'm serious. Then, the beer was wattered down and expensive. OK now it's time to find the seats. We get lost and when we find the seats, I realize the seats are tiny. Either that or my ass is huge. Also, you sit shoulder to shoulder with others. It was hot and my head and back was burning. I'm sweating like a hooker in church. Let's talk about the game. Watching a game is like watching paint dry. It is boring. No one is hitting and it takes like 20 minutes for an inning to end. They play silly videos of people falling and kids dancing and the simpletons watch in awe. The game was tied 2-2 in the 10th inning when we got the hell out like typical L.A fans. We go to my friend's house to watch the Dodgers win in the 12 inning when someone hit a home run. Next time I want to get that baseball experience, I will just sit in a small chair under the blazing sun and watch the ants on the floor. It will just as fun and I will save money in the process.


  1. Of course its American! Why do you think the rest of the world says Americans are crazy? In the nicest way of course

  2. Israel, I understand in my own way what you experienced. I am sure many people who had an interest in baseball, and finally decided to go to a real game in person shares your experience. You think with all the money the baseball owners are making they would realize that without fans they would not have any money, you think they would find some way of making the experience more interesting and entertaining...such as hiring a great comedian like you to do a comedy act between innings (especially during the seventh-inning stretch.)?
    Unless more people such as yourself decide to stay away from going to games, I doubt that the owners and management of these teams will change! Thanks for sharing your experience with us, I hope you did something after your left the game to make up for the bad experience.

  3. Israel, ESPN just did a report entitled "What's lurking in your stadium food?" which you can read by going to: