Thursday, October 14, 2010


In Manhattan a mysterious shiny object has been spotted in the sky. Experts predict it's either a weather baloon or light reflecting off of Donald Trump's hair.

The FDA is warning that a type drug class (Bisphosphonates) used to prevent bone loss may actually cause fractures and create irony.

In New York, the FBI has busted a Medicare fraud ring that stole more than $160 million by using fake identities to receive medical payments. This is not to be confused with the recently passed Health Care Bill.

CVS has agreed to pay $75 million dollars for allowing repeated purchases of a key “meth” ingredient which led to an increase in drug trafficking. A toothless CVS spokesperson said “I won’t do it again, promise.”

The tense drama is now over as the last of the Chilean miners have been rescued. However, still missing is a rabbit wearing a waistcoat that was last heard saying, "Oh dear oh dear I shall be too late."

In Berlin, a museum will host an exhibition that will explore how Hitler was able to get support for his regime. Fox News excutives are making their employees attend this training class.


  1. These were really funny. Can't pick a favorite - they are all great.

  2. hahaha, last two made me snort!

  3. This is a great collection! I'll be going 'Hee hee' Donald Trump's hair' and 'giggle - create irony' and 'Oh dear, oh dear the health care bill'and so on all week now. Thanks for the laughter, the old funny-bone needed a tickling!

  4. Hi Mutterer. Good to see u are back. Hope all is well,