Wednesday, October 13, 2010


One of the trapped miners,Yonni Barrios, is involved in an affair and bizzare love triangle. Upon his rescue he was greeted by his girlfriend, his wife, and the producer of The Maury Povich Show. (Joke by request from Yvonne. See previous notes)

Brett Favre is considering sitting out of a game, the first time since 1992, because of an arm injury. His arm hasn't made a decision if it will be healthy or not.

A music band blocked the 101 freeway in Los Angeles and performed on top of their truck as part of a publicity stunt. Commuters didn't notice a difference.

A federal judge in California has ruled that The Pentagon needs to stop its "Don't ask Don't Tell" policy. This lawsuit was initiated by a gay rights group called the Log Cabin Republicans. The broke-back Democrats also support this decision.

Oklahoma was rattled by a 5.1 earthquake. Or as they call it in California, a little teaser.

The CDC is reporting that, as a group, Hispanics outlive blacks and whites. Well, you have to be pretty healthy to climb fences, swim for miles, and mow lawns.


  1. I love when you do these posts. You got headlines news beat.

  2. lmao! yay for my joke! and the last one i'm still laughing! good job!

  3. That was awesome. Man, I needed those chuckles. It was a long day and there's nothing better than just giving it to the headlines.

  4. Thanx Autumnforest. Do come back. The format of the blog is as follows: For 1-2 days I'll do news/current event jokes. I will mix in an occasional video or story and the weekends tend to be more random.

  5. I feel you on the traffic on the 101 in LA - sounds like London

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  7. I saw your comment at a blog I follow (a few actually). So I'm here to check you out! Pretty funny stuff! If you don't mind I'm going to tag along...thanks!
    Brett Farves arm...
    Patrick Tillett, Extremely Overdue

  8. Thanx Copyboy and Lost, I have never been to London but L.A is really bad. And Pat, glad you made it!