Tuesday, October 5, 2010


At a circus in the Ukrain, a lion viciously attacked its trainer in front of a stunned audience. The lion, previously passive, has been visibly more aggressive since it returned from Oz.

In China, one UFO shut down an airport to prevent passenger jets from crashing into it. Chinese Officials did not want to take a chance with Asian drivers.

The “Time Square Bomber” has received a life sentence. He’s getting no sympathy from married men.

What does Snoop Dog and Tuesday’s stock prices have in common? They both rose to a 5 month high.

In Dubai, a traveler is claiming that he was barred from a flying because he was blind. The airline insists it was a mistake. The referee outfit should have been a dead giveaway.

Susan Boyle is pulling out of “Dancing with the Stars”. This is the only time you’ll hear “pull out” and “Susan Boyle” in the same sentence.