Monday, March 21, 2011

Jokes 3-21-11

A massive new oil slick was spotted in the Gulf of Mexico. Upon closer inspection, they discovered it was Snooki scuba diving.

Apple is under fire for approving an app. that purports to cure homosexuality. Steve Jobs has said that the controversy surrounding this is a pain in the ass.

According to Newsweek, of 1000 U.S citizens that took the official citizenship test, 38% of them failed. Oh and by the way, Benjamin Franklin DID NOT invent 100 dollar bills.

Anthony Robles, the one-legged Arizona State wrestler won the NCAA championship this Saturday. Afterwards he went to his favorite restaurant: IHOP.

I'm all for the no fly zone because I hate it when I'm eating and they land on my food.

A Texas man received the first, full face transplant. Now his friends and family don't trust him. He's two faced.


  1. I may have spluttered into my coffee at "Ihop" :)

  2. Hahaha. Well, yes. I guess it is a pain in the ass. :p

  3. Ha! "IHOP" That literally made me LOL.

    Good stuff dude.

  4. That's what the tub looks like after my uncle takes a show to rinse out his activator o.O

    oh, and Ihop....HAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!

  5. You have the cutest jokes ever! I love short jokes, because I can easily relate them to others. With the long ones.... well, I'm just like Marlin in Finding Nemo!

  6. XD IHOP!!!!!!! -rolls on the floor laughing-

  7. Haha! IHOP that place really isn't very international at all - despite its name. These jokes are good. Keep it up.