Tuesday, March 1, 2011

7 facts/Confessions

I want to thank Lil Pixie from It's a Lollipop World. If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. She is super funny, witty, and very real. So make sure you make a pit stop at her blog (Pixie the check better be in the mail) http://alollipopworld.blogspot.com/

The rules are as follows......
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* List 7 facts about yourself
* Give the award to 5 other bloggers and tell them they have


1- I drink coffee everyday from Starbucks. "Grande Drip please".
2- I used to play the trumpet and was in band.
3- My favorite food is Lebanese Food, especially chicken kebab with hummus.
4- Listening to Smashing Pumpinks and OMD depresses me.
5- My favorite band is the Pixies and I saw them twice. The last time in Hollywood.
6- I used to be friends with WillIAM from Blackeyed Peas. He used to live in East L.A and we were neighbors.
7- I'm fascinated by what my body produces, especially hair. I have a strange habit of taking a shower and removing hair and placing it in the shower walls while I stare in awe.

I love you all but I can only choose 5 in no order:
1- Yvonne from Writing My Life Away (http://yvonne-writingmylifeaway.blogspot.com/)
2-Quincy from ThankQ For Common Sense (http://thankq4commonsense.blogspot.com/)
3-Autumn from http://autumnforestghosthunter.blogspot.com/
4- Morgan from http://theadorkableditzmissteps.blogspot.com/
5-Pamo from http://pamoblog.blogspot.com


  1. Israel- WHAT??!! A blog thingie from you! WOWSIE! I LOVE IT!!!!!
    Truth is, I'm a blog award whore but rarely post them on my blog. ADHD and all. However, I've got to do this one because you are one of my favorite, rockin people in the whole wide world.
    And you make me laugh.

    I love your seven confessions, LOVE THEM!! You have me rolling with laughter. I'll check out all your other posted links too.

    Thanks so much! Whoo Hoo- a blog thingie from ISRAEL!!!

  2. Haha. Thank you for the plug!

    These are great facts!!
    I drink Peet's coffee everyday. Lots of it.
    I'm surprised at myself that so many people love the pixies & I've never listened to em'.

  3. I'm with PAMO I loved seeing a blog thingy from you homie!! LilPixi is my girl and that's kick ass she is showing you some love!

  4. Thanks for thinking about me Issy Is! I decided to give you a nickname, kinda gangsta, like it? bahahaha! Did you keep up with the playing of the trumpet? Maybe you can start your own orchestra? -i keed, i keed!

  5. Now the hair on the shower wall thing is fascinating in a "you might be a serial killer" type of way. I also enjoy the Pixies and am in awe of your trumpet abilities. The only trumpet I play is from my behind. Or is that a trombone? I'm never sure.

  6. It's awesome that you used to hang out with William. Do you still talk?

  7. I used to drink Starbucks everyday too. But I'm broke now so I try not to even look at all Starbucks stores.


  8. Thanks for this, Iz! Very much appreciated! You know, I feel dumb because I just realized that Will.I.Am spells "William" after reading this post. I just thought it was a different way of introducing himself. LOL! I need some sleep.

    Again, thanks!

  9. Thanks Israel for thinking of me. Kinda weird about the hair haha. I'll see if I will do this but not sure, not feeling like myself recently.

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  10. I hope your girlfriend doesn't have to clean the shower! My hubby gets hair dye all over ours. Oh yeah, and the shower curtain and the bath mat.
    Love your answers!

  11. The Trumpet is a cool instrument. Big fan of Herba Albert and the Tijuana Brass. Maybe the Black Eyed Pease could use a a horn section???