Thursday, March 17, 2011

jokes 3-17-11

The fear of getting radiation resulting from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plant has been largely exaggerated according to the Japanese scientist with 3 mouths.

Tiger Woods recently said that he is getting his life back on course. Now if only his ball would follow.

The USTA is calling on airlines to allow the first bag to be checked for free. The second bag? You married her, you pay!

In February, the wholesale price of food experienced the biggest jump in 37 years. This is bad news for obese people who haven’t a jump of any kind in years.

West Coast Hip Hop legend Nate Dogg died this week. He leaves behind G funk and marijuana smoke.

Japan received from Sandra Bullock $1 million dollars or as it was previously known, Jesse Jame’s allowance.

The CDC is reporting that an organ recipient from a city hospital contracted H.I.V from a kidney donor. That has got to be the worse “ I have good news and bad news” speech from a doctor.


  1. too bad you don't have a little "thumbs up" icon or pictrue i can just post! lol consider this my "thumbs up" picture! hahaha!

  2. Tiger is slumping in the worst way! The three mouth scientist was funny!

  3. Poor Nate Dogg. Hope he's ready for the next episode.