Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jokes 3-10-11

According to biologists in California, the great white shark population is lower than expected. They are blaming the brown sharks who enter the sea illegally and eat the fish that the white sharks refuse to eat.

Scientists are scanning Stonehenge with laser to discover how it was created. Perhaps they should scan when it's soberhenge. (I know real silly)

Charlie Sheen is suing Warner Brothers for $100 million but is willing to settle for 3 kilos of cocaine.

The maker of Angry Birds has raised $42 million from investors. He celebrated this success by demolishing his apartment building.

Rep. Peter King has launched a controversial hearing to investigate the radicalization of American muslims in America. If you think these hearings are explosive...

After much speculation that Cap N Crunch was retiring, it turns out he’s staying put but wont sail Somalia.

Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha broke up. This whole time, he thought she was Mary Kate.


  1. Hahaha. I bet the Olsen twins confused him on purpose!!!

  2. Of course a Charlie Sheen jab, lol... another good one.

  3. Honestly? I won't miss the white shark. The Olsen joke was really funny!

  4. The shark joke was nice! Creative. I love political jokes. Who is Justin Bartha? LOL!

  5. AHAHAHA! I loved the shark joke!

  6. Captain Crunch retiring? Oh, hell no!
    We just started our rendezvous.

    The Angry Birds - *Snort (excuse me.)
    That's my type of funny visual.

  7. Bahaha Charlie Sheen and Ashley xD