Friday, December 31, 2010


A Michigan man is being charged for felony computer misuse and is facing 5 years in jail for logging into the email account of his cheating wife. Instead of looking at Facebook, he will just have a wall and may get poked by a bunch of strangers.

After setting a sports record for 90 consecutive wins, the end of UConn's women basketball run ended after losing to Stanford. It was an emotional game for UConn and the 8 lesbians that follow women's basketball.

Kathy Griffin is under a microscope for hosting CNN's New Year Countdown after she dropped an F bomb on the air. This isn't new to her. Her stand up show constantly bombs.

John Mellencamp and his wife of 20 years have ended their marriage. Oh yeah life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone...

Candace Cameron, who played D.J Tanner on "Full House" has written a book and reveals that she battled with Bulimia. It's good that she is getting it out of her system.

After much speculation, it has been reported that Jersey Shores's "Snooki" will not be dropped from the New Year's Eve Ball in Times Square. Instead she will be dropped by a left hook to the jaw.

Kodac said that after 75 years it will stop producing the Kodachrome film used in making pictures. I getter get my 5 pounds of negative rolls developed soon.
(Time flies).


  1. One reason I love your jokes is that I learn stuff along with laughing. I can't believe the U.S. would put someone in jail for looking in his wife's email. This is why your jails are full! Love the punchline.

    In Canada you usually have to kill someone to go to jail, and then you only get 5 or 10 years. You should let killers roam the streets like we do. It's a lot cheaper.

  2. Hey, Belle - my wife would become a killer pronto if she read some of my emails! (LOL)

    Israel- Even though you were under the weather you cranked out some of your best material yet. Great stuff, buddy!

    My joke: As divorce lawyers battle over the equitable division of property, John Mellencamp has assured his Cougar wife that there will be "little pink houses for you and me."

  3. LOL at Candice Cameron.