Monday, May 30, 2011

jokes 5-30-11

Speaking about "American Idol", Steven Tyler said the show sucks. Have you seen his lips? He knows sucking.

Scientists now believe that the moon may have had more water than previously believed. I could have told you that. Cheese contains water duh.

Arriving in a motorcycle, Sarah Palin kicked off her bus tour this Memorial Day weekend. She was inspired by Obama’s throw Israel under the bus tour.

This Wednesday, Candice Crawford will get married to Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, if she can get pass the guards.

After being sworn in as the new Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan said he wants to unite the feuding North and South regions. Nigeria please.

Lindsey Lohan was ordered to begin her house arrest. She asked the judge, “Where will I find giant handcuffs?


  1. Hehe. I'm pretty sure Steven Tyler knows what he's talking about. Those lips! :p

  2. Great jokes, Israel. He does know sucking.

  3. Your jokes are great - but my favourite part is picturing Sarah Palin on a motorcycle! She's the best joke of all!

  4. Sarah Palin is a joke all by herself! LOVED the Steven Tyler joke! Major suckage going on there! :)

  5. LOL those were funny! XD

    Adorkable Ditz

  6. I've just had the best time reading your posts. excellent!