Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flashback Friday - The time we thought our "dates" a lesson

Years ago a buddy and me went on a double date with these two blond girls. One grew up in Whittier and was kind of a party girl. I didn't know her cousin but she was going to be Edgar's date. Edgar was a friend I've known since high school.

The plan was to go to a comedy show in Hollywood at a place called "The Palace". They usually have music concerts there but back in the day they also had comedy shows.

We park and we have to wait in line. Right away, I knew the date wasn't going well.

My date to her cousin: "Oooh he's cute"
Cousin: "Yeah"
My date: "Go talk to him. I would"

This goes on for about 10 minutes and my buddy and I gave each other that look that said, "Oh payback is a bitch."

Now here is the thing. Our dates don't owe us anything but perhaps just a little respect. I found the firting a tad disrespectful. The girls flirted their way to the front row. The show was o.k, I guess. I was too pissed to remember any part of it.

When we exit and are outside, my date flips and wants to act "sweet". It was very cold outside. "So are you going to give me your jacket?" she asks. "No". (silence)

We get to my car and I have a plan. "Edgar sit in the front." I tell him. The girls sit in the back and I lower my windows and let the artic winds rape their faces and hair. It was freezing. I wasn't done.

I stopped by my old "hood" in East Los Angeles at the Estrada Courts Projects. I tell Edgar to follow me. I tell the girls, "wait here I'll be right back." I visit a friend and I'm just staring at my watch trying to figure out how much torture was enough.

As soon as I approach the car my date goes off on me.
"Are you crazy!!! Are you crazy!!!! Leaving two white girls in the projects with the windows down. That is disrespectful!"

I snapped back. "You want to talk about respect?!

They got the message. The ride back was silent and cold (for them).

(In a sad side note, the main suspect in the beating of the San Francisco Giants fan is from the VNE gang. It is located in the exact spot where I took the girls.)


  1. What a couple of bitches! Loved your torture methods, haha!

  2. Wow, you taught them a lesson 10 times over, Iz! LOL! I take it there was not a 2nd date? Where were the "Blind Date" cameras when you needed them? This would have been a classic episode.

    They still haven't caught the guy who beat down the Giants fan, have they?

  3. Dumb girls! You were nice, you could have been a real jerk and left them there!

  4. You should have said something like, "Jacket? NO WAY, BITCH."


    Interesting blog, btw. :D

  5. that beating thing is freaky. And I don't blame ya for doing that that was rude of them to be doing that when they are on a date with you!

    Adorkable Ditz