Sunday, May 1, 2011

Don't hate - President Obama captures Osama Bin Laden

After more than 10 years and countless deaths, America's public enemy #1 (Bin Laden) was killed. To say that this even is huge in an understatement, we are witnessing history unfold. Years from now, you will be able to answer the question, "Where were you when Osama Bin Laden was killed?"

While this event will send shockwaves to the world, and bring some solace to those affected by 911, I can't help but anticipate that there will be alot of haters that will minimize the accomplishments of Obama. I recall Rush Limbaugh publicly stating that he wishes Obama to fail! Obama took care of business quietly. He did not put on army gear and fly on a fighter jet. He did not publicly state "Mission Accomplished". He told us that this country is facing an enemy and challenges that will force him to make difficulty decisions. Yet, he did what two presidents were unable to do: he captured Bin Laden. To quote rap great KRS ONE, "Real bad boys move in silence.

Just last week, Obama had to release his birth certificate to prove he is an American. Imagine that. Clowns like Trump and birthers have been made to eat crow and I can just imagine what the other side is going to do to downplay this great accomplishment.

Sadly, as much as I want to believe that the attacks against Obama are not motivated by race, there are too many instances where racism has been made apparent albeit in subtle ways.

In the beginning, Obama's faith was questioned. Was he a Christian or a Muslim? Then, his place of birth was questioned. Next, came the ridiculous portrayal of Obama as Hitler. To make matters worse, the Tea Baggers presented racist imagery of Obama as a witch doctor, monkey , or using slang. (The implication being that Obama, because he is black is uneducated and "ghetto") I predict that credit will be given to the "great strides that were made during the Bush administration." I also predict that his accomplishment will be questioned.

I can't wait to listen to talk radio and listen to the right wing psychos hate on Obama. But tonight love him or hate him, he took care of business and history will remember that.


  1. It is embarrassing that people have forced President Obama to show his birth certificate. I think from now on all Presidents should be forced to show theirs.
    He is a good man, and although I don't always agree with everything he does, I admire him. His enemies can never take away the fact that he is, was and always will be our President.

  2. Obama has done amazing things in office and he has not given himself the PR he should. So far as Osama, I hope they stuff his carcass, put it on display and let people throw shoes at it for an eternity.

  3. I always knew that you're part of the solution, Israel. This post proves it. Thanks, good buddy!

  4. I love Obama. Awesome, awesome post!!!

  5. I want to copy and past this post on my FB page. I have a lot of Obama haters as friends. This would shut them up for just a second. ---I'd never do that without your permission Israel, so don't sweat it. Thanks for writing this! I
    whole-heartedly echo your sentiments! *Virtual high five! (well, low five since you're probably taller than me!)

  6. I really don't think things are going to be over now that Bin Laden is "dead" I mean as far as I can see it looks like the war is never going to end.

  7. I agree that Obama has been disrespected because of his race. He's had a far harder hill to climb than the white men of this nation. Women have it even harder. Black women have to be beyond human to be taken seriously.
    The end of Bin Laden is not the end, unfortunately.

  8. I couldn't have said it any better myself. In total agreement with you. Trump and the rest of the Republican clowns will try every tactic to bring Obama's reputation down and make him the scapegoat of every problem in this country.