Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spiders - rooting for the underdog, technique versus strenght, location location location

I have two new friends. They are spiders. Every night they weave their webs and I greet them. They just stay silent but I know they got my back.

The first spider is huge and creates a huge spider web but it created it away from the light. Since he is huge, I can see with greater clarity the web making technique. It's awesome. First it creates the perimeter and then it stitches the web together with awesome technique cuz he is 1/2 spider 1/2 bad ass!

The second spider is a pimp! This pimp knows he can't overpower his prey so what does it do? It puts on his pimp hat and relies on technique and location. He sets up his tiny web near the light in an ideal location. He doesn't even have to spit game, he just waits and they fall in. The other night I was captivated by a drama that unfolded in front of me.


A green bug landed on the web and but it was still able to move. It was much bigger than the spider. It shook violently, trying to escape the death grip of the web. It shook over and over again and this alerted the pimp. The itsy bitsy spider came out and was like, " yo this is a buffet!". The tiny spider came out cautiously since it was smaller and had to be careful. It spun more web and this caused the bug to shake even more. "Come on bug I'm rooting for you!" I thought. The tiny spider gave me that look like, "where is your loyalty?". I watched the battle unfold and it was a work of art. The tiny spider came out then retreated and hit him with more web and still the bug flapped and flapped.

As the bug flapped and flapped, it still reminded where it was at. No mater how much it moved, it remained where it was stuck. I thought of my job and I was able to have empathy for the bug. I stared at the battle for over 1/2 an hour. Then I began to wonder how crazy I must look to my neighbors - a grown man staring at the front door for a long time. Who knows, I may be asked to join the cult across the street.


  1. Orale, Iz I wrote about a spider on my Blog recently!

  2. Loved how you associated your job to the bug and being stuck, no matter how much it moved. Sorta like my life.

  3. Interesting post. I have a huge brown spider in a web right outside my dining room window. I stand there and stare at it for like 10-30 minutes at a time because it fascinates me, in a creepy kind of way (like the cult across the stree).... LOL.