Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I won a joke punchline contest!!!

Dear Bloggers and Readers:

I entered a joke punchline contest and I won. The premise of this new site is simple. They provide you with the news story/event and you create a punchline. Each week there are new topics and winners. Last week I did my submission and won $100. My joke will be in the running for the grand winner if I get enough votes. This is where you guys come in. I need your vote!!!!!


$500 that's why. If my punchline wins and one of you vote for me, then we both win cash!!!

So be a friend and click on this link below and vote for me: Israel Carrasco

Did I mention you could win cash???


  1. I'm going over to vote for you, Israel. You look amazing in that photo.

  2. Done and Done! Congrats on your $100 win!!!

  3. Congrats, Israel. I'm also going to vote for you.

  4. I signed up. I don't know which one is yours. Help!! :)