Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Cult

I'm back in L.A County and across the street from me is a cult. They have been there forever and I AM SO FASCINATED BY THEM. They used to congregate in the front lawn and they would clap NONSTOP for like 20 minutes. I'm not kidding. It was weird but this is L.A so weird is relative. Then the stopping clapped and all members would just meet inside the house. The cult leader and his son are very nice, although they rarely interact with anyone else outside the cult.

You may ask, how do you know they are a cult? Ah my dear Watson, it's elementary. You see when I was in college I met a girl named Justine that upon hearing where I lived said, "You know there's a cult on your block?"
"yeah I know"
"I used to attend"
"Really what happened!?"
"My dad took me there but then I refused to go and he disowned me. He said if I rejected God, he would not talk to me."

Wow my fascination with the neighbor across the street only grew. Then my sister related to me that her good friend, Erica, had an aunt that stopped talking to her family once she attended the cult.

Here is another thing that is intriguing about the group. ALL members have one of the following slogans surrounding their license plate:


They take up a lot of parking and I know who is a cult member by the license plate but if you think that is bizarre, let me tell you about ....


Almost every night (between Midnight -2:00AM) they have sleep overs. Families, including children come out of their cars and they flock to the house. Sometimes they have bags of food, sleeping bags, or ice chest and they knock and they are let in and then they disappear. I always peek and try to see what goes on behind their doors. Before the type of people that would be members were hippie types with mullets but today's members look more mainstream. Scary.

The other morning, I saw a flock of devotees pour out of the house by the dozen. It looked like the entrance to a rock concert. Whenever they arrive at night , I peek because I want to know so bad what the hell happens across the way. My devoted readers, I promise to provide you with footage of the cult members descending to their shrine.

I want to know from my fellow bloggers, what do you think happens at the house late at night?


  1. Hold the phone. How is it that this is the first time you've written about this cult?? This is so interesting! I don't want to guess what they do there at night. Maybe they dress in white tennis shoes and eat Marie Callendar's pot pies, like that Hale Bopp cult? Cults are so unpredictable!

  2. Weird. Cults are so bizarre. I have a friend who grew up in one, but she doesn't talk about it.

    I'm interested in hearing more about this!!

  3. Holy CRAP, cults are so messed up & scare the crap out of me. =0

  4. Sounds like you need to do some re-con! How weird about the late night sleepovers! Maybe they play games all night long, or maybe they sit in circles and chant, while holding hands with each other. Or maybe, they are worshiping their "god" or something like that. I used to know a boy who was in a cult. They were normal looking in every way but their demeanor and their speech was just really weird. And their eyes appeared really glassy sometimes. Cults are scary!

  5. You never told me about the midnight sleepovers with their kids! Iz, you should really just go over there and join em' for awhile. Express interest until they let you into their inner circle. Then you can tell us all about it. Of course you and your family will have to go into the witness protection program afterward but it may be worth it.