Sunday, June 19, 2011

What happened Eddie?

I was bored at work. I had to call real estate agents for business. If you never dealt with agents, it's like talking to 3 year olds minus the snot and personality.

The task was mind numbing so to entertain myself, I began playing a game called: Who does this agent look like? I would cut and paste pictures of agents and match them with pics of celebrities. I had an agent that looked like Gilbert Gottfried, Michael Jackson (It was a white woman with big eyes), Liza Minelli, etc. I then emailed the pics to co-workers that were somewhat grateful that I broke the monotony in their day.

I saw an agent that looked like Eddie Van Halen, the last time I remembered him. I went to find a pic of Eddie. Holy crap the guy has not aged well! He looks like a villain in a a cartoon. This reminded me that time gets to all of us. I just hope that I decay more gracefully and learn to be more productive at work


  1. Most celebs I had a crush on when I was younger did not age gracefully as well. Made me so sad. :(

    Okay, not that sad but sad still.

  2. Ugh! Poor Eddie!!! And get back to work you! ;)

  3. It's crazy how some people don't ever seem to age, yet others look like relics. Must be all that clean living of being a rock star on the road for all those years.

  4. If I was doing that, for the women I would just use pics of Anna Kournikova or Beyonce or Jennifer Aniston to make it easier to talk to them.

    - Jay

  5. Holy SHIT! :) Eddie looks rode hard and put away wet (whatever the eff THAT means!) Age is a bastard. Look what it does to us. Reduces fierce rock stars to comical, toothless simpletons. :)